Losing the Home Front

by Patrick J. Buchanan – July 31, 2002 Not a year has elapsed since the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon that killed 3,000 Americans. Yet the national consensus behind the war on terror has begun to fray. And the fault lies with the president and his War Cabinet. The war’s first phase […]

Is Protectionism America’s Future?

by Patrick J. Buchanan – July 29, 2002 “For the first time in more than two decades, trade barriers are moving in the wrong direction. This isn’t the 1930s … but Pat Buchanan is one happy camper these days.” So writes Steve Moore in a long and anguished column in the Washington Times titled, “A […]

The Panic of 2002

by Patrick J. Buchanan – July 25, 2002 Since President Bush took the oath, the Dow Jones has fallen over 30 percent, the Nasdaq 75 percent. In Sunday’s New York Times, Seth Feaster, using a much broader index, has even more jolting news. The Wilshire 5000, writes Feaster, tracks “every publicly traded U.S. company. The […]

Congress Steps Up to the War Issue

by Patrick J. Buchanan – July 22, 2002 At long last, Congress may be about to do its duty. According to the New York Times, before summer ends, the Senate and House will call up secretaries Powell and Rumsfeld to lay out the war aims and war plans of President Bush. These hearings are overdue. […]

What Exactly Is Terrorism?

by Patrick J. Buchanan – July 17, 2002 “The American government sure is easily baffled. An extremist Egyptian Muslim chooses July Fourth to murder Americans and Israelis who are flying from an American airport on Israel’s national airline – and the official line is we can’t call this terror …” Adds exasperated columnist Dennis Prager, […]

Endlessly Playing the Race Card

by Patrick J. Buchanan – July 15, 2002 Any regular viewer of CNN, MSNBC or Fox News has seen the videotape: A handcuffed black 16-year-old being body-slammed on the hood of a police car and punched in the face by a white cop. Endlessly, the TV talking heads express outrage, as the tape rolls on, […]

Heading into A New Afghan War

by Patrick J. Buchanan – July 10, 2002 “We face an entirely new war,” said Gen. MacArthur, as he realized that the hordes of Chinese “volunteers” coming over the Yalu meant Beijing was now intervening massively in the Korean War. That war would last three more years. And the recent horrors in Afghanistan suggest we […]

The July 4th Surrender

by Patrick J. Buchanan – July 9, 2002 Call it the Independence Day capitulation or July Fourth surrender. Forty-eight hours after handing the U.N. an ultimatum – either U.S. troops get immunity from the International Criminal Court, or we veto the U.N. mission in Bosnia – President Bush backed down. The globalists called our bluff, […]