Holy Land Easter 2002

By Patrick J. Buchanan – March 29, 2002 On the first Holy Thursday, the night before He was crucified, Jesus sat down with the 12 and turned water and wine into his own flesh and blood. That first Last Supper was a Jewish seder. This is the communal meal to commemorate the Passover, the night […]

Foreign Aid and Republican Abdication

By Patrick J. Buchanan – March 26, 2002 With President Bush’s pledge to ratchet up U.S. foreign aid by 50 percent over three years, can someone explain to me again the difference between a compassionate conservative and a Clintonian liberal? Over 40 years, more than $1 trillion has been extracted from U.S. taxpayers and shipped […]

Bush-Bashing by Bill Bennett

Patrick J. Buchanan – March 22, 2002 “Your words can be interpreted in such ways that they hurt national resolve,” thundered William J. Bennett at Jimmy Carter’s remark that President Bush’s “axis of evil” phrase was unhelpful. Imputing a near lack of patriotism to war critics, Bennett that day launched his Americans for Victory Over […]

Clean House in the Catholic Church

Patrick J. Buchanan – March 20, 2002 With the Catholic Church reeling from its exploding scandal of pedophile priests, the enemies of Tradition believe they have found an opening through which to drive their latest “reforms.” According to The Washington Post, the archdiocesan paper of Boston, the Pilot, editorialized Friday that “the church needs an […]

A Bush Amnesty for a Mexican Army

By Patrick J. Buchanan – March 18, 2002 The Bush amnesty for hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, rushed through the House Tuesday night, will undermine both the rule of law and the moral authority of the United States in the world. As the world knows, U.S. immigration laws are being daily mocked and violated. […]

The Pentagon Thinks the Unthinkable

By Patrick J. Buchanan – March 12, 2002 Stepping back from the abyss of the Cuban missile crisis of 1962, Americans and Russians took away separate lessons. To JFK’s inner circle, the lesson was: Never again can we tread so close to the brink of Armageddon. To the Soviets, the lesson was: Never again will […]

Bush Takes a Stand for America First

By Patrick J. Buchanan – March 8, 2002 In slamming 30 percent tariffs on imported steel, President Bush did more than keep his word to U.S. steelworkers. He sent a Reaganite message to the world: “I’m a free trader, but I put America first.” Just as Ronald Reagan imposed quotas on steel being dumped in […]

Why Does Islam Hate America?

by Patrick J. Buchanan – March 5, 2002 Despite Sen. Trent Lott’s demand that we all fall in behind the commander in chief, the Senate has a constitutional duty to debate the wider war the president has begun to pursue. Far from being unpatriotic, such a debate is the quintessence of patriotism. In World War […]