The Hollowing Out of America

By Patrick J. Buchanan – February 26, 2002 What does conservatism stand for in 2002? What is it we wish to conserve? “Work, family, faith, community, country.” Were these not what Ronald Reagan celebrated? Yet consider what is happening to community, country and work in America because of the free-trade zealotry of the Clintonites and […]

Courting Another Beirut Bombing

Patrick J. Buchanan – February 22, 2002 It was the greatest mistake of the Reagan presidency. Yet, President Bush seems about to repeat it. In 1982, Reagan was persuaded to place U.S. Marines between Israelis and Palestinian fighters holed up in Beirut. The Marines went ashore to ensure peaceful passage of the PLO out of […]

Desert Storm II?

By Patrick J. Buchanan – February 19, 2002 With his “Axis of Evil” speech threatening Iraq, Iran and North Korea with war if they deploy “weapons of mass destruction,” Mr. Bush burned his bridges. And when Gen. Colin Powell told Congress we have no war plans regarding Iran and North Korea, the signal was clear […]

How a President’s Words Can Lead to War

Patrick J. Buchanan – February 15, 2002 Ideas have consequences, wrote conservative Richard Weaver. So do words, when uttered by the most powerful man on earth. By threatening war against Iran, Iraq and North Korea in his now-famous “Axis of Evil” address, the president painted himself into a corner. Either Bush now goes to war […]

Enron and the Decline of Capitalism

Patrick J. Buchanan – February 12, 2002 The 1950s gave us the “Fifth Amendment Communists” – men who hid behind the Constitution to cover up their treason. Now, we have the Fifth Amendment capitalists, the Enron men who invoke the constitution to cover up their betrayal of faithful employees. “Women and children first!” and “The […]

Scalia v. the Pope: Who’s Right on the Death Penalty?

By Patrick J. Buchanan – February 8, 2002 Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia certainly set the cat down among the pigeons the other day at his alma mater Georgetown University. Challenging the views of the pope and the U.S. bishops, the justice urged any Catholic judge who could not in conscience impose a death sentence […]

The War Party and the ‘Axis of Evil’

By Patrick J. Buchanan – February 5, 2002 With the exception of the War Party pundits who are orgasmic over Mr. Bush’s threat to launch preventive wars against the “axis of evil,” Iran, Iraq and North Korea, volunteers for the Great Crusade seem notably absent. Nowhere, not even among the nations supposedly threatened, has there […]

American Caesar

Patrick J. Buchanan – February 1, 2002 “Upon what meat has this our Caesar fed that he has grown so great?” The line from “Julius Caesar” came to mind as I watched the president, triumphant in the Afghan war, thunderously threaten three nations with war, should they seek to acquire weapons the United States has […]