Into the Big Muddy – Again?

By Patrick J. Buchanan – October 17, 2001 A month after the massacres, and the ugly scenes of Arabs and Moslems cheering the wounding of America, millions are still asking the question: What did we do that they should hate us so? Last week, the president professed himself “amazed” to “see that in some Islamic […]

Why the War Party May Fail

By Patrick J. Buchanan – October 16, 2001 Nov. 13 was a good day for America and a great day for George W. Bush. Kabul fell, the Taliban were suddenly on the run, and the president’s men and U.S. armed forces seemed to have engineered a brilliant victory without the loss of a single American […]

Whose War Is This?

by Patrick J. Buchanan – September 28, 2001 In his resolve to hunt down and kill the Osama bin Laden terrorists he says committed the Sept. 11 massacres, President Bush has behind him a nation more unified than it has been since Pearl Harbor. But now Bush has been put on notice that this war […]

U.S. Pays the High Price of Empire

By Patrick J. Buchanan – September 20, 2001 As the twin towers of the World Trade Center came down in flames, taking 5,000 Americans with them, an unserious era in U.S. history came to an end. “All is changed, changed utterly,” wrote poet W.B. Yeats. President Bush has now received full authority to wage war […]