The Dehumanization of Dissent

by Patrick J. Buchanan – February 5, 1999 Browsing through Reason magazine recently, I stumbled on an article by a free-trade True Believer, who was profoundly perplexed over the inroads being made by economic nationalists. “In a time of unrivaled prosperity,” wailed Brink Lindsey, “what has made trade liberalization so bitterly controversial?” At which point, […]

Malaise of the GOP — Is There a Cure?

by Patrick J. Buchanan – February 2, 1999 Not since the Roaring Twenties, when the Republican Party was still “America’s Party,” has the GOP controlled so many seats in the House and Senate and in governors’ chairs. Yet, to many Republicans, this seems the very winter of their discontent. Inside the party, observers detect a […]