An America First Coalition — To Save Steel

by Patrick J. Buchanan – September 29, 1998 Because the victory came after reporters left for the weekend, Friday’s historic vote never received the coverage it deserved. But that evening, an America First trade coalition was born, revealing its power by crushing the speaker’s own bill to renew “fast track” — Congress’ surrender of all […]

Next Up: The Great Brazilian Bailout

by Patrick J. Buchanan – September 27, 1998 In his marvelous novel “The Bonfire of the Vanities,” Tom Wolfe called them “Masters of the Universe” — the bond traders who worked high above Wall Street, earning princely fortunes buying and selling billions in bonds on the movement of a quarter penny in price. Well, now, […]

Woodstock Values vs. “God’s Country”

by Patrick J. Buchanan – September 22, 1998 Just as Watergate was always about much more than who covered up a minor break-in, so the scandal that roils this city now is about far more than whether Bill Clinton exploited a 21-year-old intern and lied about it under oath. Monicagate is a battlefield in the […]

Wallace, The Unforgiven

by Patrick J. Buchanan – September 18, 1998 Both men would today be damned as racists. The first believed in the superiority of the white race and in apartheid, and felt a “glorious consummation” of slavery would be to send all slaves back to Africa. His name was Abraham Lincoln. In his first inaugural address, […]

Let Puerto Rico Remain Puerto Rico

by Patrick J. Buchanan – September 15, 1998 On July 25, 1898, U.S. Gen. Nelson Miles and his troops waded ashore at Guanica to capture Puerto Rico. Since the time of Queen Isabella and Columbus, the island had belonged to Spain. On the 100th anniversary of Miles’ invasion, thousands came to Guanica — some to […]

Get It Over With

by Patrick J. Buchanan – Sepetmber 14, 1998 “If it were done when ‘t is done, then ‘t were well/It were done quickly.” So said Macbeth — about the assassination of the king. Sound advice now. For the impeachment of a president is the republic’s bloodless way of dethroning and beheading a monarch. But this […]

A Labor Day Lament

by Patrick J. Buchanan – September 4, 1998 Since the Great Depression destroyed the Republican coalition forged by the Harding-Coolidge tax cuts and immigration reforms, only twice has the GOP put together a great governing majority — Richard Nixon’s 49-state sweep in 1972 and Ronald Reagan’s 49-state sweep in 1984. In the last two presidential […]

The Emerging Democratic Debacle

by Patrick J. Buchanan – September 1, 1998 The tide is going out on the Democratic Party, and it may be a long time coming back in. Though Republicans have done little to deserve it, a blowout party victory is shaping up for November. If gubernatorial candidate Dan Lungren can hold California, all 10 of […]