No Way Out

by Patrick J. Buchanan – July 31, 1998 In August of the sixth year of his presidency, Richard Nixon resigned. In August of the sixth year of his presidency, Bill Clinton must contemplate the same end. For if what Monica is telling Ken Starr is true — that she and the president had a sexual […]

Have the Globalists Over-Reached?

by Patrick J. Buchanan – July 28, 1998 “As American objections to the treaty’s text were trounced in one overwhelming vote after another, delegates … stood and cheered.” Thus does The Washington Post describe the reaction, as the final votes were taken in Rome to establish a permanent global court for prosecuting war criminals. The […]

How Adam Smith Would Handle China

by Patrick J. Buchanan – July 24, 1998 As America was annexing the Philippines in 1898, preparing to send a U.S. army to crush Filipino resistance to the new American empire, William Graham Sumner gave a speech titled, “The Conquest of the United States by Spain.” “(W)e are submitting to be conquered by her on […]

A Presidency in Ruin

by Patrick J. Buchanan – July 21, 1998 Of all the myths out of which the Republic was born … none was more hopeful than the crowning myth of the Presidency — that the people, in their shared wisdom, would be able to choose the best man to lead them. From this came a derivative […]

Clinton: Master of the House

by Patrick J. Buchanan – July 17, 1998 At noon, July 15, effective Republican resistance to the global agenda of Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Strobe Talbott and Robert Rubin came to an end. The House leadership capitulated. From Most Favored Nation trading privileges for Communist China to $18 billion in fresh funds for the global […]

Pulling Russia Back From the Abyss

by Patrick J. Buchanan – July 14, 1998 Before the markets opened Monday in Moscow, Boris Yeltsin’s government issued a statement saying a new International Monetary Fund bailout was on the way. Russia’s stock market shot up 7 percent in a single day. And so the game goes on. In the run-up to this latest […]

Doomsday Scenario of James Baker

by Patrick J. Buchanan – July 10, 1998 The economic fate of Asia and to a great extent the rest of the world … rests more than ever before in the hands of Japan’s political leaders and bureaucrats,” writes James Baker on July 8 in The Washington Times. The “worst-case scenario,” says an alarmed ex-secretary […]

Coming Clash Over Taiwan

by Patrick J. Buchanan – July 7, 1998 A collision between the United States and China over Taiwan now seems certain. And Bill Clinton’s gratuitous assertion in China that the United States opposes Taiwan’s membership in any organization that requires nationhood as a condition makes it more certain. Why did Clinton have to pander? Apparently, […]