How He Gets Away with It

by Patrick J. Buchanan – December 29, 1998 The riddle perplexing conservatives today can be summed up in a single question: “How does he get away with it?!” Why is public support for Bill Clinton soaring, though he lied under oath, while the popularity of the Republican Congress trying to hold him to account is […]

1999: Goldilocks v. The Bears

by Patrick J. Buchanan – December 25, 1998 1998 has been marked by a conservative spat between what might be called the Alfred E. Neuman (“What, me worry!”) Club and the Chicken Little (“The Sky is Falling!”) Caucus. By Christmas, it was game, set, match — the Neuman Club. Unemployment was at a 30-year low, […]

Senate Must Do Its Duty

by Patrick J. Buchanan – December 21, 1998 As H.M.S. Victory cleared its decks for action at Trafalgar, Nelson directed his flag messenger to signal to the fleet: “England expects that every man will do his duty.” And so they did. And so, too, did those House Republicans who bravely defied our political, academic, media […]

Failed President, Flawed Policy

by Patrick J. Buchanan – December 18, 1998 It is a tradition among Americans that when the guns fire, we rally behind our fighting men and commander in chief. Yet even this tradition seems to have fallen victim to this president. Three days after his disastrous grand jury testimony and speech to the nation on […]

Impeach Him — Or Let Him Go!

by Patrick J. Buchanan – December 15, 1998 Tom DeLay is acting like a statesman! said an astounded Carl Bernstein. Bernstein, of Watergate fame, had just watched the majority whip shrug off Tim Russert’s observation that he and his colleagues may be risking a backlash that could lose them the House in 2000. Bernstein is […]

Our Dorian Gray Alliance

by Patrick J. Buchanan – December 12, 1998 In her latest essay on NATO’s future, Madeleine Albright begins to sound like a parent frantic that her only child has decided to go away to college and leave her alone in the house. Albright’s article in the Financial Times Dec. 7 was clearly propelled by the […]

When Attack Politics Backfired

by Patrick J. Buchanan – December 8, 1998 All who live by the sword perish by the sword. The warning of Matthew’s Gospel is our lesson for today. No White House has ever been more devoted to, or adept at, attack politics than this one. When allegations were made about Bill Clinton’s private life in […]

Death Knell for the Silent Majority?

by Patrick J. Buchanan – December 4, 1998 Richard Nixon is condemned for many things, but one achievement can never be taken away. Nixon was the architect and builder of the greatest political coalition since FDR. Taking command of his party after the Goldwater defeat of 1964, in which the GOP won only 39 percent […]