Let the People Rule

by Patrick J. Buchanan – January 28, 1995 This term limits movement has a whiff of revolution about it. We want to overthrow America’s ruling class… As the House and Senate mull over which version of “term limits” to write into a constitutional amendment, Republicans should realize this issue is now about more, much more, […]

A Contract With the Unborn

by Patrick J. Buchanan – January 21, 1995 Patrick J. Buchanan delivered the following speech January 21, 1995, at the Concord Auditorium, on behalf of New Hampshire Right to Life. The speech immediately followed the New Hampshire March for Life. The Washington Post and New York Times and CBS did not much note one of […]

How the Peso Plug Was Pulled

by Patrick J. Buchanan – January 2, 1995 After one of his great reforms had miscarried, Britain’s Whig Prime Minister Lord Melbourne exploded: “Nothing that the wise men promised has happened, and everything the damn fools said would happen has come to pass!” Well, it sure looks like the “damn fools” were right on the […]