Are the Days of Wine and Roses Over?

by Patrick J. Buchanan – January 2, 1998 While Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin is winning applause for shoveling $10 billion into South Korea to avert a default, it is clear neither he nor the IMF saw this crisis coming. Their soothing assurances have about them a ring of hollowness and trepidation… As 1997 ends, even […]

The Policeman of the Balkans

by Patrick J. Buchanan – December 22, 1997 Those who warned that the U.S. troop commitment to Bosnia risked an open-ended entanglement in the Balkans were right. Bill Clinton has now confirmed that U.S. troops will remain indefinitely. No plan, no strategy, no timetable exists for their withdrawal. What are the conditions the president has […]

Lessons of Clinton’s Kyoto Capitulation

by Patrick J. Buchanan – December 18, 1997 The blockheads at the IMF and World Bank were sitting in the cab of the locomotive when it jumped the tracks and went over the trestle into the creek. Now, they want to oversee rail safety!… The American diplomatic collapse at Kyoto, Japan, has one salutary benefit. […]

Dishonoring Our Fathers

by Patrick J. Buchanan – December 15, 1997 “First in war, first in peace and first in the hearts of his countrymen” was the tribute of “Light-Horse Harry” Lee on the death of his old chief, the greatest American of his age, George Washington. Two centuries later, the father of his country has become an […]

American Surrender at Kyoto

by Patrick J. Buchanan – December 11, 1997 On Sept. 2, 1945, Gen. Douglas MacArthur stood on the deck of the battleship Missouri in Tokyo Bay as the Empire of Japan, in the person of Foreign Minister Shigemitsu, signed its surrender. On Dec. 7, 1997, Al Gore rose in Kyoto to tell the world America […]

The Political Superbowl of ’98

by Patrick J. Buchanan – December 8, 1997 With each bailout, money managers go unpunished and, indeed, are rewarded for stupidity, while incompetent regimes never pay the price of their economic blunders and thus never correct them…And if the stock price of Reed’s bank plunged, and loans had to be written down, and other big […]