With Friends Like These

by Patrick J. Buchanan – February 9, 1998 In October of 1991, George Bush strode into the United Nations as leader of a mighty coalition that had smashed the Iraqi army and liberated Kuwait. To thunderous applause, the conqueror outlined his New World Order. In the hubris of the hour, men spoke of a new […]

Hillary Tries the “O.J. Defense”

by Patrick J. Buchanan – February 2, 1998 Like Johnnie Cochran and the “dream team” that prevented justice from being done in the O.J. Simpson trial, Hillary Clinton seems to have mastered the “O.J. defense.” The essence of this defense is first to change the subject from the guilt of the accused to the character […]

Where Are We Going in the Gulf?

by Patrick J. Buchanan – January 29, 1998 The drums are beating for another American war in the Persian Gulf. Republicans assure Bill Clinton of total backing if he launches air strikes against Iraq. Three U.S. carriers rendezvous in the Gulf in February. Madeleine Albright flies off to tell Europe: America will act alone if […]

The Breaking of the President

by Patrick J. Buchanan – January 22, 1998 The saddest of commentaries on the Clinton presidency is that on the first day of his greatest political and personal crisis, no one really believed him — not even his own loyalists. The White House staff was stunned and demoralized the instant the charge surfaced of a […]

The GOP Double Standard on Infanticide

by Patrick J. Buchanan – January 19, 1998 How does the party justify raising money from right-to-life folks and then using their dollars to elect candidates who support third-trimester abortions? How do Republicans now answer the press taunt: “You denounce Clinton for his stand on partial-birth abortions, but you yourselves fund governors and senators who […]

Detente in the Gulf?

by Patrick J. Buchanan – January 12, 1998 When the Americans, like the British before them, grow weary of their imperial duties and sail away, Iran will dominate the Persian Gulf. It is ordained. No nation in the region can match Iran’s size, population or power. George Bush’s war that smashed Iraq and the U.S.-led […]