Sharon-1 Bush-0

By Patrick J. Buchanan – April 9, 2002 Seventy-two hours after President Bush told Ariel Sharon to pull out of the West Bank “without delay,” the Israeli army was still pounding away at Palestinians in the biggest offensive there since 1967. “I meant what I said,” an exasperated president railed at Sharon yesterday afternoon. Yet, […]

The Prisoner of Sharon

By Patrick J. Buchanan – April 5, 2002 If President Bush is visibly agonizing over this Mideast crisis, who can blame him? For the president is facing a painful and stark choice – between doing what is right for America, and doing what is angrily demanded of him by Ariel Sharon and the War Party […]

Palestinians Are Winning

By Patrick J. Buchanan – April 2, 2002 “Citizens of Israel, the state of Israel is at war – a war against terror,” thundered Ariel Sharon in his Sunday address to the nation. But Sharon’s rage and resolve notwithstanding, Israel is not at war with terror. Israel is at war with Palestine. The terrorism of […]

Holy Land Easter 2002

By Patrick J. Buchanan – March 29, 2002 On the first Holy Thursday, the night before He was crucified, Jesus sat down with the 12 and turned water and wine into his own flesh and blood. That first Last Supper was a Jewish seder. This is the communal meal to commemorate the Passover, the night […]

Foreign Aid and Republican Abdication

By Patrick J. Buchanan – March 26, 2002 With President Bush’s pledge to ratchet up U.S. foreign aid by 50 percent over three years, can someone explain to me again the difference between a compassionate conservative and a Clintonian liberal? Over 40 years, more than $1 trillion has been extracted from U.S. taxpayers and shipped […]

Bush-Bashing by Bill Bennett

Patrick J. Buchanan – March 22, 2002 “Your words can be interpreted in such ways that they hurt national resolve,” thundered William J. Bennett at Jimmy Carter’s remark that President Bush’s “axis of evil” phrase was unhelpful. Imputing a near lack of patriotism to war critics, Bennett that day launched his Americans for Victory Over […]