America’s Bubble Economy

By Patrick J. Buchanan – April 28, 1998 Now that the Dow has crossed 9,000, the bulls of Wall Street are talking 15,000 by the end of the century, as the bears have all silently retreated deep into the recesses of their caves. A buoyant American triumphalism is the spirit of the hour. Japan’s economy […]

None Dare Call it Treason

by Patrick J. Buchanan – April 24, 1998 In 1953, in one of the dramatic acts of the Cold War, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed in Sing Sing prison for having turned over atomic secrets to Stalin’s Russia. America was a serious country then. Outside the hard left, few sympathized with the Rosenbergs as […]

The Computer Braceros

by Patrick J. Buchanan – April 21, 1998 Why is a Republican Party that once declared the protection of U.S. economic independence and the American standard of living the essence of its creed doing this? Why is the party of the full dinner pail colluding in a betrayal of American engineers and scientists who have […]

GOP is About to Defend Itself

By Patrick J. Buchanan – April 19, 1998 What kind of party is the GOP in the spring of 1998? Is it the authentic voice of a principled conservatism or, as its enemies insist, merely the political instrument of corporate America? With the return of Congress to the capital, the GOP faces decisions that will […]

GOP Snared in Clinton Tax Trap?

by Patrick J. Buchanan – April 16, 1998 A long time ago, Catholic schoolboys were admonished to “stay away from bad companions” and “avoid the occasions of sin.” Before colluding with Bill Clinton on the $516 billion tobacco tax hike, the GOP Senate should have heeded such advice. The party is now facing either a […]

A U.N. Court for the New World Order

by Patrick J. Buchanan – April 9, 1998 Last fall, the U.N. Commission on Human Rights delegated one Bacre Waly Ndiaye of Senegal to investigate capital punishment in the U.S.A. And Brother Ndiaye is not pleased with what he has found. Ndiaye flatly charges America with using the death penalty in a racist way. Informed […]

America’s Apologist

by Patrick J. Buchanan – March 26, 1998 Contrast, if you will, the president’s stubborn refusal to apologize for his own sins with his enthusiasm for apologizing for America’s alleged sins. Not since the holy Roman emperor spent days in the snows at Canosa, begging for the pope’s absolution, has a national leader groveled like […]

The Irreconcibable Crisis of Conservatism?

by Patrick J. Buchanan – March 23, 1998 Unbridled capitalism is an awesome force that creates new factories, wealth and opportunities that go first to society’s risk takers and holders of capital. But unbridled capitalism is also an awesome destructive force… Under Jimmy Carter, unemployment hit 7 percent, inflation 13 percent and interest rates 21 […]